You ask, we answer...

Below are some of the questions we most commonly receive,
we are happy to answer any inquiries not included here, simply drop us a line.


Are you having a sale? Depending upon how you look at it, the answer is either that we never “have a sale” or that we are always having a sale.  The fact is that we are positioned to operate on a lower overall profit margin than retail outlets.  This means that we don’t artificially raise our prices just so that we can lower them and say that something is “on sale.”  Every day of the year our pricing will be better than—or at least competitive with—retail outlets, even if they are “having a sale.”

I don’t see prices marked on products in the showroom.  Why is that? We determine the price for your new floor based on our cost for labor and materials plus a fair profit for our company.  In the flooring industry, material costs can change frequently.  That, combined with the vast selection of products that we display makes it impractical to keep “price tags” up to date—at least if you share our goal of giving each homeowner the best value possible. In addition, your project is unique.  There is no “one size fits all” installation pricing that will give you the best price for the exact requirements of your project.  Our knowledgeable showroom staff is very familiar with our products and typical installation costs.  As such, they can easily guide you to products that meet your needs and fit your budget.  Once you’ve narrowed your product choices, we will visit your home (at no charge) to exam your project and develop a precise quote with no hidden charges or other surprises.

Do you offer any financing? Unfortunately, you never get “something for nothing” and since it increases our costs to offer financing, we would have to pass that cost on to our customers.  We have chosen instead, to keep out costs as low as we can and pass those savings on to you!

What do you mean when you talk about "value"? At CCC, “value” is defined by much more than price.  Like any good business, we strive to keep our costs down so that we are competitive in the marketplace.  Beyond excellent pricing, value at CCC encompasses product quality (we are very selective in choosing the products that we sell), installation expertise and superior customer service.  In short, our definition of “value” provides you with the confidence that comes with knowing that you’re getting a great floor that is installed properly at a fair price.

What carpet (hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl…) is best for my home? That question is much too broad to answer here.  To determine the best product for your specific needs, visit with one of our staff.  He or she will answer your questions and provide you with the
information that you need to make an informed decision that you will be happy with for years to come.

What does an in-home consultation involve? One of the advantages of working with CCC is that the design consultant with whom you work in the showroom will also be the one taking ownership of ensuring that your project is completed to your satisfaction.  An essential part of the process is a visit to your home to take measurements and examine installation conditions.  This allows your consultant to provide you with an accurate quote for the project and—if you like—offer suggestions on styles, colors and products that will assist you in achieving exactly the look you want for your home.

How long does the consultation take? The length of the consultation can vary quite a bit, depending on how large an area will receive new flooring, the type of flooring being installed and the amount of design consultation needed.  Some visits are completed in 15 minutes but generally you should allow 30 minutes to an hour.  You can be assured that the design consultant who visits your home will take as much time as necessary to gather the essential information and answer your questions.

How do I schedule a consultation? If you’re already in the showroom then your design consultant will be happy to schedule the
appointment before you leave. You can also call (925) 828-7810 ext. 200 to schedule or visit our website's Contact section. Your consultant will find a time that is convenient for you and is available evenings, weekends along with normal, business hours.

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